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Hii my name is Luna Fallon i am from the technical team if you are facing a problem then you can visit our site.HP printers often display error codes on their control panel or computer screen, which can help users diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Some common error codes include 0x, 10.xx, 11.xx, 12.xx, 13.xx, 14.xx, 16.xx, 20.xx, 21.xx, 22.xx, 23.xx, 24.xx, 25.xx, 30.xx, 40.xx, 41.xx, 49.xx, 50.xx, 51.xx, 52.xx, 53.xx, 54.xx, 55.xx, 56.xx, 57.xx, 58.xx, 59.xx, 60.xx, 61.xx, 62.xx, 63.xx, 64.xx, 65.xx, 66.xx, 67.xx, 68.xx, 69.xx, 70.xx, and 79.xx. Each error code indicates a specific issue with the printer, and may require different solutions to fix.


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